João Medeiros is a professional consultant, trainer and speaker in the field of Astrology, since 2003.  He was born in Lisbon – Portugal – in 1975.


With an educational background in Mathematics, João Medeiros has a degree in Economics (Universidade Nova de Lisboa – Nova University Lisbon – 1998).

After winning an Erasmus scholarship, he completed his studies in Sweden and France and worked from 1999 to 2003 in the Instituto Nacional de Estatística (Portuguese Statistics Office).

He has devoted himself to the interdisciplinary study of Astrology, Psychology and Esoterism for many years.

In 2003, after completing his studies at the Academia de Estudos Astrológicos (Academy Of Astrological Studies), he dedicated himself to the full-time activity of Astrology – consultancy and training – and has created his very own Astrology Course and numerous workshops.

His studies represent the profound aspects of the many approaches that have been related to this discipline such as Psychological, Medieval, Horary and Mundane Astrology. Between the years 2003 and 2012 he has been requested by over 4000 clients for private astrological consultation.

In 2004 “Ocean Rising – Portuguese Astrological Cycles” was published, an innovative and interdisciplinary book about the Portuguese History and destiny.

In 2006, João Medeiros started teaching his Astrology course in a Portuguese University (ISCTE). The following year, he set up CEIA –Centro de Estudos e Inovação em Astrologia (Centre for Education and Innovation in Astrology).

In 2008, he certified in Organizational Constellations and Systemic Coaching at ‘Talent Manager’. Delta Tarot, João Medeiros original creation, came out in 2011, a modern and geometric deck of Tarot cards.

Besides being a researcher and Life Coach in Astrology, João Medeiros is skilled in Aura Reading (Foundation for Spiritual Freedom’s method), Reiki (traditional Mikao Usui line), Rebirthing (Leonard Orr’s method), and in other activities like Yoga, Meditation, Music and Surfing.

Presently, his main research is focused on symbolic, astrological and psychological approach of human life cycles, following the holistic thinking of the Astro-Philosopher Dane Rudhyar, being his main reference.

João Medeiros is a member of ISAR – International Society for Astrological Research – and an Executive Member of ASPAS – Portuguese Astrology Association.

He speaks four languages fluently: Portuguese, Spanish, French and English. He is also a vegetarian. In his daily life he follows the teachings of Jesus, Buddhism and is a Disciple of Immortality.[singlepic id=11 w=330 h=255 mode=watermark float=]